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Yoga Fly Bangkok "I Believe I Can Fly...!"

yogafly, yogafly bangkok, โยคะฟลาย, โยคะบิน, aerial yogayogafly, yogafly bangkok, โยคะฟลาย, โยคะบิน, aerial yoga

‘Yoga Fly’ is the new trend in town. Suitable for an absolute beginner eager to stretch their body to new lengths or participants holding previous knowledge of Yoga concepts, you’ll find yourself hanging from the ceiling. Ropes connecting a hammock to the ballroom ceiling above you, means you’ll be exercising in mid-air!

Four years ago, SanookLife’s partner wanted to mix his passions of circus art and yoga and so invented Yoga Fly. Various positions on the hammock are performed for one hour in the morning and then for a quarter of an hour in the evening. A short meditation precedes the Yoga Fly postures, after which you’ll be put through several movements, such as gymnastics, dance and also traditional yoga in order to up the rate of your heart.

Don’t be fooled by coupling the idea of a hammock with the idea of relaxation! The goal of Yoga Fly is to build your muscles. Certain positions may be too difficult for those not used to the gym environment. Flexibility is key in this field and the more adventurous can experience the feelings of weightlessness, and at the end of the day you can truly say ‘I Believe I Can Fly...!’

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yogafly, yogafly bangkok, โยคะฟลาย, โยคะบิน, aerial yoga 




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