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We, Parents are often observing...

Your son or daughter sitting with rounded shoulders, poor posture and you are trying to correct them?

You are conscious that the structure of your kid is not the expected? getting knock knees, bow legs, scoliosis etc.

The body needs in the childhood a correct set up of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons structures in order to build a strong pattern of Posture for the future.

If we are growing with poor posture what do you think it will be the posture once get ready to find a job or a relationship?

คุณพ่อ คุณแม่เคยสังเกตบุคลิกภาพ ท่าทางของเด็กๆมั๊ยว่าเวลาเค้านั่ง ยืน หรือเดินเด็กๆกำลังหลังค่อม ไหล่ห่อ อยู่รึป่าว แล้วคุณเคยพยายามจะปรับท่าทางเหล่านั้นของเค้าบ้างมั๊ย?

เด็กทั่วไปที่มีภาวะกระดูกสันหลังคด หรือปัญหาโครงสร้างของร่างกาย เช่น คอเอียง หลังโก่ง ขาโก่ง เข่าเบียด เท้าผิดรูป เป็นต้น

ร่างกายและโครงสร้างเด็กก็ต้องการการรักษา ฟื้นฟูปัญหาเกี่ยวกับพัฒนาการด้านการเคลื่อนไหว ความผิดปกติและความบกพร่องด้านท่าทาง การเคลื่อนไหว รวมทั้งโครงสร้างของกระดูกและกล้ามเนื้อ ต่างๆ เนื่องจากความพร่องของระบบประสาท ระบบกล้ามเนื้อและกระดูก ระบบหายใจและหัวใจ ส่งเสริมพัฒนาการด้านการเคลื่อนไหว ระบบโครงสร้างของร่างกายในทารกและเด็กปกติ

What is good posture?

Posture is the position in which you hold your body and limbs when standing, sitting or lying down.To have good posture means that you need to be aware of always holding yourself using your CORE muscles in a way that puts the least strain on your back, whatever you are doing.

Even when your kids are looking television, iPad, iPhone they should be aware to keep the correct posture.

If the children is growing from a correct posture in the future he will have better life, more healthy results, looking taller and more confident. 

  • Your bones and joints are in line so that muscles can be used properly 
  • Your spine has its primary and secondary curves
  • Ligaments holding the spine together are not being stressed
  • You don't get tired as quickly
  • You don't get pain in your back or other muscles 
  • You look good!

Why you should consider to bring your kid to Pilates?

1. Pilates allows bones to grow bigger and stronger.

In the pre-puberty and puberty stage:

  • The bones of children are in development and
  • Stimulation thanks to the sports activity of the skeleton
  • Stimulation of mechanical tension that favors bone formation
  • Moderate activity with lower risk of lesions helps prevent pediatric osteoporosis.

2. Pilates helps concentration and attention

The Pilates exercise that involves the learning of the postures and their correct execution stimulates attention and concentration.

During a prolonged period, maintaining an activity such as Pilates will allow the child to understand their body and how to coordinate their movements and know their response to stress, effort and concentration.

The child will grow up with better bases and more capacity to learn.

3. Pilates Prevents high risk diseases.

The practice of Pilates will also counteract the lack of physical activity, which in children carries the same health risks as in adults.

With Pilates it will help prevent:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases

What is our experience and success stories?

We are experts in posture rehab using Physical Therapy and Pilates exercises. Our customers and kids are learning with a specialised professional how to:

  • To move correctly
  • Standing correctly
  • Exercises correctly

We are experts in Scoliosis exercises, helping to:

  • Reduce painReduce curves
  • Re balancing muscles
  • Protect the body from unbalanced muscles


We are experts in Posture and Balanced muscles, helping to:

  • Growing correctly
  • Correcting "Bow legs" and 'Knock Knees"
  • Wrong alignment of Feet
  • Rounded shoulders

How long it takes to feel some changes?

Every kid or person has a different pattern and history, sometimes in few sessions we can already feel and see the difference.

In every case our experts will study the Posture today and working on the new posture with daily re assessments.

Visit our Studio - Our equipment is unique in Thailand - We are recognised as Education centre for Pilates & Rehab. 

We recommend you to book a FREE consultation and work with our staff to understand our assessment and Strategy for your kids. 

  • Fully Equipped Studio
  • Specific machine for Kids
  • Certified Instructors for Kids, Pilates and Physiotherapists.


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