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What is Office Syndrome?

Everyone should understand this sentence:
Sitting is the new smoking…
Office Syndrome does not have an exact definition, it is the result of:
– Working at the office.
– Driving a car.
– Call to Grab a dinner.
– Electric stairs.
– Smart & Adjustable table and chairs.


Arms Line - Office Syndrome

From your posture working on the laptop, driving your car, watching Ipad or phone the common problems is the static position. The tension start into fingertip follow the line to your arm and affect shoulder and centre of the chest.
The pain is usually located into your back and neck.

Back Line Tension - Office Syndrome

The static position sitting many hours is affecting directly from the arches of your feet. The muscles and tissues are more elongated into the back of the body creating more tension like an elastic band… this elastic band is ending into the front of the head this is the reason of many headaches.

Functional Lines - Office Syndrome

On position of sitting – The front line close chain and back line elongation will have consequence into your functionals lines affecting from the front, back and spiral lines – Creating a wrong and negative amount of tension.

What The Balance Pilates & Physio can do for Office Syndrome?

We are a team expert in Physiotherapy, PIlates for Rehabilitation, Exercises for Rehab and Myofascia Release. To be ready for your job position probably you have been study at university or college and be trained to be productive but nobody train your body to be as well ready.

Into the office syndrome problems – The wrong posture is connecting all soft and deep tissues – The wrong tension is creating compensation in different part of your body… Where you feel the pain is often the result of compensation somewhere else and this is why Chiropractors and traditional Physiotherapist could not help …

The solutions have to be integrated in a program to bring the right results to your life.

At The Balance Physio Pilates we will teach you to learn about yourself, your habits good and bad, your posture in different time of your day.

 Our solutions

01 Body Reading – Release the Tension

Consultation with Physiotherapist Team, Preparation of strategy based:
– Observation
– Body assessment.

Goal: Ready & understand your body

02 Exercises strategy & Pilates 

Based on:
– Your physical conditions.
– Strategy movements.
– Physio Exercises.
– Pilates exercises to build strength and stretch.

Goal: Start to move!

03 Home work exercises & New Habits

Learning with experts how to:
– Practice at home
– Change your habits.
– Office New exercises & Stretch.

Goal: Not come back to tension and pain.

 What is Rigidity?

The rigidity of lack of mobility is the result of wrong tension results of the static position during many hours – If you do not break this rigidity you will never increase your range of motion and getting to the right stability in your tissues, muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. Once you will reach the stability thanks to our method you will be able to reach your natural Balance!

Range of Motion?

The Range of motion is the result of the correct tension from the front, lateral, rotational and back lines of your body. When in one line your body can not move correctly, another will compensate… remember this sentence:

If something does not move …something has to move more!

With The Balance Physio Pilates you will improve your range of motion in all directions.

Strength your body?

Often you will listen that you should stretch when tension due to office syndrome… well it is correct but insufficient, your body should has the correct strength in muscles to support the correct posture and not let the tension on the front of your chest and arms bring your head forward and results of that generate tensions and sometime pain in your back.

 Spine Mobility exercises

Pilates exercises and equipment are famous for high capacity of isolation of muscles with all precautions.

Standing strength exercises

The repertoire of exercises Pilates and fitness are important to recover the capacity to feel mobil and Balanced

Flexibility and motion exercises

Reducing rigidity into tissues, joint, muscles and increasing stretch of all body for a better feeling.

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