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Pilates for Men

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Pilates for men in Bangkok - Trial 3 Times 4500฿ Best Price 1500฿ / Hour.

Pilates for men is the perfect complementary exercise for other activities such as individual or group sports. In general terms men consider Pilates as a more suitable exercise for women, however more and more men join day after day with different needs such as:

  • Stretching,
  • strengthening unbalanced body parts
  • Preventing future injuries.

In Pilates for men we can establish different practices from the rehabilitation of certain parts of the body, increase muscle tone for the practice of sports such as golf, running, etc.

Pilates Group class for Men

Pilates group class for men Bangkok

Pilates for Rehabilitation

we will have men who have experienced orthopedic injuries such as knees, shoulders, disc hernias, soles of the feet, etc.
We are using programs that will allow recovering damaged areas and re-balancing others that have been over exposed. Sometimes due to old injuries the body is exposed to second injuries derived from these first.

The most frequent injuries we treat are from back pains with the sciatic nerve frequently involved due to short muscles of the buttocks and leg muscles as well as reduced mobility of the lower back. In a few sessions in the study and at home the patient will feel the pain subside until in many cases disappear without having to resort to pain medication.

The shoulders and knees are also very popular and produce a sensation of instability and restriction of movements in patients. Our vision as physiotherapists and Pilates is to analyze the problem in their balloonity and determine the real causes of these pains ... in many cases shoulder problems are solved with increasing flexibility of the pelvic area and back.

Pilates for Athletes

Pilates is also very useful to strengthen muscles for the practice of sports that we will analyse next.
For Golf, very often we start with a stretching phase to relax our backs, legs and shoulders so that in the background we work on the deep muscles to have more balance in the impact of the ball, we also work on the thoracic and shoulder rotations to increase flexibility and speed as well as precision.

 Pilates for runners Bangkok

For the runners, we work in principle on the correct techniques of impact of the feet at the height of the hips eliminating warm pains, hips, back and knees. In the background we will work on the flexibility of the pelvis and increase the abdominal area to protect. Many runners experience improvements in the power and rhythm of the race thanks to exercises in machines such as the "Reformer".

 For those who love weights, in general we will work on recovering the normal posture of the body that is sometimes truncated due to short and highly developed muscles. We have had very positive results in the elimination of back pain and increase in the balance of this type of athletes.

We treat many Crossfit practitioners with sometimes knee, shoulder and back pain from excessive weight lifting without adequate prior preparation.

Pilates for Office Syndrome

Pilates is also very effective for many of our customers who travel a lot and work on computers all day. In these cases what we call "Kyphosis" or the rounding of the high back that causes the head to be forward to the shoulders and as well as the imbalance of the shoulders causing lower back pain, knee and feet in a diagonal effect.

Normally customer with pain when working at office will feel tension on upper back on top of the scapula and sometimes pain on neck.

The non correct posture will affect the high of the hips, knees and feet getting worst in the future. Pilates will be focus on recovery balanced muscles on Pelvis and fix shoulders as well as developing muscles to correct the wrong posture of the Head. 

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