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Pilates For Running Pain Free Bangkok

Run Pain Free Bangkok
From the office to Pilates For Run Pain Free - Bangkok

In my case I had already exceeded 40 years old and with a past as a runner and with many injuries due to over exertion. I had always wanted to run again some day but the pains prevented me.
For years I became a Pilates professional and focused on the problems of sports players and injuries in order to find solutions to my own case.
A question always hovered in my head and I wanted to study the reasons for such levels of injuries in people who started or who already ran ...
We often read many texts on the Internet and in the press about the problems with the shoes, how we hit the ground and read much more about how to solve wounds than avoid them.
This phrase was the key ... We read much more about solutions of wounds than how to avoid them.
Therefore, I began to observe my clients and also to read and think about the most common causes.

Today I have run 3 days a week without ever meeting challenges such as marathons but everything will come at its right time.
Well, I realised that in the vast majority of people who are running again, they never start asking themselves the right questions

Why are you considering to run again?

  1. How to start running
  2. Run for what objective (Reduce stress, Get in shape, Anti ageing etc.)
  3. How many times do I want to run

These 3 questions are very simple but they will make the wounds not cause them major problems not only in the running but also in your day.

How to start running - Pain Free

I have often heard and seen clients who from one day to the next discover that they have too much stress, overweight, lack of movement and they buy their clothes, the slippers often the last smart watch (Garmin, Suunto etc.) model advised by a cunning salesman that makes us dreaming about our possibilities and the following is ... we are under our office ready to run.
Well, this situation will probably bring you much joy before you start to feel joint pain, in the hips, knees, often in the high back etc.

The muscles and parts you need to run again:

  • The Quadriceps
  • The Hamstrings
  • The Gluteals
  • Hip Flexors
  • The ABS
  • The Calves
  • The Tibialis Anterior
  • The Poroneals
  • Thoracic Spine mobility
  • The Feet & Ankles

When you are working seating all days, you need to get back to the gym before to start to run again to get back the tone of this muscles in order to feel no pain.In our program we will in the first visit to evaluate your fitness level in order to design an individual approach and fix your goals to Run Pain Free.

Raun Pain free bangkok

Our goal is very simple ... we are not experts in the performance of the runner, we do not promise athletic increase to run the marathon below 3 hours ... we just want and want to start running without having to suffer.
How many times have you been told that you have to train hard before running ... NEVER ... well here is the problem.

Running means in the anatomy definition

  • Impact on the joints
  • Impacts on the ligaments
  • Activations of unusual muscles
  • A very concrete and correct position

Run Pain Free Bangkok 20

  • The training of the lower muscles of the body are key to having energy and rhythm in our running technique.
  • Our position and the position of the trunk and pelvis are also very important to achieve a balanced distribution of impact and weight supported.
  • The flexibility of the spine as well as the thorax are vital to have rotations that allow the correct forward movement.

For this reason we have created a method combining past experiences, studies of scientists and based on the observation of many thousands of clients.

We want to give you a program based on 3 stages

  1. Analysis of your physical condition
  2. We define an exercise program
  3. A nutrition plan.

This program will go along with the analysis and the rehabilitation of your posture when you run through videos and re-adjustments.
I myself and my team (Physiotherapists and Pilates) take care of understanding and understanding your limitations to achieve a complete program that will allow you to run naturally and start enjoying a healthy sport free of pain.

Run Pain Free Bangkok - Change your Posture from The Balance Studio on Vimeo.


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